Advanced Valve Solutions is your subsea PLR equipment partner

July 03 2015

Advanced Valve Solutions is your subsea PLR equipment partner

Advanced Valve Solutions (AVS) has recently undertaken a number of large projects where we supplied all the valves and hot stabs for temporary subsea pig launch and receive stations for pipe laying services. In total AVS supplied well over 250 temporary 4” 2500# trunnion mounted subsea ball valves, 400 2” floating ball valves and several 1” ball valves and check valves in various sizes.

on 03.07.2015

Advanced Valve Solutions UK Celebrates 10 years

September 24 2015

Advanced Valve Solutions Celebrates 10 years

In September Advanced Valve Solutions (UK) Limited celebrated its 10th birthday by achieving a key milestone in terms of market penetration. Rik Barry, UK Director, is proud of the company’s achievements. “We have now provided solutions and maintain products in more than half of the CCGT and CHP power stations in the UK. Even more important than market share, however, is the contribution that we have been privileged to make to the operation of the UK power generation industry. We have saved our customers millions of pounds by providing products that increase station performance whilst reducing operational and maintenance costs.”

on 24.09.2015
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