A HORA control valve is a unique "engineered" item. Also PERSTA sliding or globe valves and ZWICK butterfly valves are designed and built to fit the application in which the valve is intended for. To keep the valves in good condition proper maintenance is required so they can do the job for which they are intended. This maintenance can consist of the monitoring of the valve, the opening and inspection and repair of the valve, if necessary. This requires skilled technicians and original spare parts in the right measure, made from the above-appropriate materials with the correct hardness.

Spare Parts


Spare parts for HORA valves made with care and expertise, according to the right specifications, produced, with the right tolerances, materials and hardness’s. These specially made components ensure that your appendage functions optimally.



To protect the components and to increase the availability and accessibility to overhaul, sets of HORA spare parts are always delivered in a sturdy wooden box. In addition to all hard and soft spare parts a cross-sectional drawing, a spare parts list and, if required, a complete disassembly instruction manual is also located in the box. Sets of spare parts for PERSTA or ZWICK fittings can also be supplied in this way.



Good spare parts are essential, but also the maintenance work itself are crucial in the successful maintenance of the control valves. HORA, PERSTA and ZWICK have a very experienced group of highly trained technicians who are available day and night to carry out the repair work for you. Besides its own HORA technicians, Advanced Valve Solutions has access to well-trained and HORA-certified mechanics who work for independent remanufacturers. The bottom line remains that successful maintenance of control valves depends on the deployment of skilled technicians and original spare parts.

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